2 pensieri su “Shadow e Cesar Millan: Un aggiornamento sull’husky “impiccato” (Articolo del Professor Marc Bekoff)

  1. genevieve dice:

    Fortunately, this article by Mark Bekoff gives us some explanation about CM’s so-called training technics, why they are unacceptable for dogs and that in the end, it gives a merely poor vision of what human beings are capable of when it comes to show dominance, over dogs, but not only. To me, a human being capable of hurting a dog will not show any mercy or empathy towards his fellow human being neither. As pointed out, such methods might have a ‘fast’ result (to fit in a tv show ?) but I cannot agree with the means used to achieve such a result. Now why are such methods promoted by tv and even get a huge audience ? May be because they are spectacular, may be because they are cruel. There are no limits in human’s fantasy… I do understand dog’s proprietors’ need to seek help when facing a difficult problem with their dog and that is ok. Besides, it hurts me to see these poor proprietors watch and allow someone to hurt or mistreat their dog. I would certainly not allow that be it for all the money in the world. They should be (made) aware that there are alternative approaches, and positive training should be placed on the top of any training, thus the word education, as suggested in the article, seems to me an excellent replacement for the word training. Contributions such as this article are extremy useful to raise awareness, and each of us, those who really care about our dog’s well being, must continue whenever and wherever they can, to fight against those who think they are allowed to hurt animals, there is a lot to be done and it will take time, but the aim is to never ever give up …

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